Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Turkiye / October 9 – 15

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Last week, 8 Turkish startups received investment in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The headquarters of the startups that received investment were distributed as Istanbul, Ankara, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. 4 venture capital investment fund was also established.

The vertical distribution of the startups receiving investment is as follows:

2 Advertising Technologies

1 Software

1 Biotechnology / Health Care

1 SaaS / Subscription

1 Energy

1 Battery Production

1 Industrial Solutions

News of the Week

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2023 continues as a year in which interest rates increase worldwide and therefore investments in startups decrease. According to the report, 81 investment rounds were completed in the fourth quarter of 2023. When comparing the third quarters of 2022 and 2023, it is observed that the number of investments remained at similar levels, but the investment amount has decreased.

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Last week, 4 Venture Capital Investment Fund (GSYF) received establishment permission.

In the Turkish Capital Markets Board (CBM) newsletter published on Thursday, October 12nd; It was announced that 4 portfolio company received establishment permission for 4 venture capital investment fund.

Permitted Funds:

24 Gayrimenkul ve Girişim Sermayesi Portföy Yönetimi AŞ Jüpiter Venture Capital Investment Fund

BV Portföy Yönetimi AŞ LT PRE-IPO Venture Capital Investment Fund

Hedef Portföy Yönetimi AŞ Venture Capital Investment Fund

Rota Portföy Yönetimi AŞ Rota Ventures Venture Capital Investment Fund

🎯 Ad management platform Adsby raised $525.000.

Adsby, which enables Google, Facebook and Instagram ads to be managed on a single platform, has raised $525.000 in Seed funding round, led by Inveo VenturesKT Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş. Lonca GSYF and angel investors also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: Inveo Ventures, KT Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş. Lonca GSYF, angel investors

Co-founders: Ömer Ersin, Berkay Yavuz

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Advertising technology solutions provider Ingosa raised funding with $1.5 million valuation.

Ingosa, which develops artificial intelligence-supported advertising solutions, received an investment in pre-Seed funding round with $1.5 million valuation. The investment round was joined by Arya GSYF, Doğuş Yeni Girişimler, Aegean Ventures, Ahu Serter, Münteha Adalı, Meltem Aydın and Ayça Atmaca.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: $1.500.000

Investors: Arya GSYF, Doğus Yeni Girişimleri Aegean Ventures, Ahu Serter, Münteha Adalı, Meltem Aydın, Ayça Atmaca

Co-founders: Dürin Arturk, Gökçe Duman, Muammer Okumuş

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Competitor tracking services provider SenkronData raised funding with €3.4 million valuation.

Senkrondata, which enables brands to monitor their competitors, has completed its first investment round with €3.4 million valuation. The investment round was joined by Startup Wise Guys.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: €3.400.000

Investors: Startup Wise Guys

Co-founders: Okan Bircan

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Liquid biopsy platform developer Cellsway raised €200.000.

Cellsway, which develops cancer diagnosis solutions, has raised €200.000 from APY Ventures.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: APY Ventures

Co-founders: Özge Zorlu, Ebru Özgür

Headquarters: United Kingdom / Ankara

🎯 Subscription management application Abonesepeti raised $400.000.

Abonesepeti, which enables the management of processes such as starting, managing and terminating subscriptions, has raised $400.000 in the investment round led by GoldmanStartupsKeiretsu Forum Türkiye and ŞirketOrtağım Melek Yatırım Ağı investors also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: GoldmanStartups, Keiretsu Forum Türkiye, ŞirketOrtağım Melek Yatırım Ağı

Co-founders: Deniz Okumuş, Müjdan Aydın, Serkan Türkoğlu

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Energy management system and optimization software developer Ratio Energy raised €300.000.

Ratio Energy, which develops battery energy storage facilities and energy management system and optimization software in the renewable energy sector, has raised €300.000 in pre-Seed funding round from Nuh Kar.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: Nuh Kar

Co-founders: Emin Batur Dizdar, Önder Tekeli

Headquarters: Ankara

🎯 Battery pack designer and manufacturer Ampherr AG raised €3 million.

Ampherr AG, which designs and manufactures battery packs, has raised €3 million in Series A funding round. The investment round was led by Ahu Serter, with participation from Atilla Tacir.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: Ahu Serter, Atilla Tacir

Co-founders: Selman Tosunoğlu, Göksel Tetik

Headquarters: Germany / Istanbul

🎯 Occupational safety technologies developer Trio Mobil raised funding.

Trio Mobil, which increases security in industrial operations with its artificial intelligence and IoT supported solutions, has raised funding from 100. Yıl Girişim Sermayesi and 212.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: 100th Year Venture Capital, 212

Co-founders: Nevzat Ataklı, Celal Barış

Headquarters: United States / Istanbul

Other News of the Week:

📌 Akkök Holding, which hosts 23 companies from different sectors, especially chemistry, energy and composites, has launched a new fund called 212 NexT, which focuses on material technologies with 212.

📌 Pitch Challenge, organized by Geometry Melek Investment Fund and in cooperation with Moka, PitGrowth and Oniki, will take place on October 26 at İş Bankası Towers.

📌 The startups selected for Yapı Kredi FRWRD Global, which will be held with the support of KOSGEB, have been announced. The startups chosen for the program are: TheClico, Orbina, Testsuite, Mirai, Sweephy, Longstage, Symetricx, Shipicons, Ayvos, Kuasar.

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