July 24 – 30 Turkey Startup Ecosystem Summary

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Last week, 4 Turkish startups received investment in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and 2 secondary transactions has been made. The headquarters of the startups that received investment were distributed as Istanbul and Ankara. Turkey-based venture capital fund also invested in a UK-based

The vertical distribution of the startups receiving investment is as follows:

1 E-Commerce

1 Working Space

1 Cloud Kitchen

1 Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

1 Information Technologies

News of the Week

🎯 Electronic devices rental platform Kiralarsın raised funding.

Kiralarsın, a platform that allows users to rent electronic devices, received an investment of $150.000 (4 million TL), with a valuation of $2.5 million from Arya GSYF.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: $150.000 (4.000.000 TL)

Valuation: $2.500.000

Investors: Arya GSYF

Co-founders: Başak Baykan, Çağdaş Dikici, Burak Koyun, Mehmet Emin Ciddi 

🎯 Working space developer PODA raised funding.

PODA, which develops workspaces to work in public places, received an investment from Hakkı Alkan.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: –


Investors: Hakkı Alkan

Co-founders: Oğuz Önel, Levent Burçin Sözütok, Emre Kutlu

🎯 Cloud kitchen startup Zest Cloud Kitchens raised funding.

Zest Cloud Kitchens, an ai-powered cloud kitchen startup, has raised $450.000 in pre-Seed funding round, with a valuation of $8 million. The investment round was joined by undisclosed angel investors.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: $450.000

Valuation: $8.000.000

Investors: Angel investors

Co-founders: Yiğit Doğan, Masis Erekli

🎯 Decentralized finance protocol Finceptor raised funding.

Capital and liquidity financing platform Finceptor, received an investment with a valuation of $3.5 million. The investment round was joined by Keiretsu Forum Türkiye‘s angel investors.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: –

Valuation: $3.500.000

Investors: Keiretsu Forum Türkiye’s angel investors

Co-founders: Can Kocagil, Arman Vural Budunoğlu, Güneş Serel, Ege Kafalı

🎯 Industry 4.0 startup Thingtrax raised funding.

Thingtrax, which aims to transform old production facilities into production facilities with automation and smart planning capabilities, received an investment of £4.3 million from a investor group, including Vinci Private Equity, in its pre-Series A investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: £4.300.000


Investors: Charlie Songhurst, Concentric, Haatch, Portfolio Ventures, Puma Private Equity, SuperSeed Ventures, Vinci Venture Capital

Co-founders: Aman Gupta, Imran Shafqat, Paul Reader

🛒 DHL Group acquires MNG Kargo.

DHL Group has acquired Türkiye’s cargo company MNG Kargo.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: DHL Group


🛒 Eşarj, acquired by Enerjisa Enerji.

Enerjisa Enerji, a company that produces retail sales and customer solutions in the field of energy conversion, has acquired the majority of the electric vehicle charging station operator Eşarj.

Transaction Type: Acquisiton

Investors: Enerjisa Enerji

Co-founders: –

Other News of the Week:

📌 Turkish food delivery startup Getir is withdrawing from Portugal, Spain and Italy after deciding to downsize its operations.

📌 Size&Me, a high-tech startup that produces artificial intelligence to solve the problem of returns in online clothing shopping, went on a crowdfunding tour with a target of 5.2 million TL through fonbulucu.

📌 The applications for VakıfBank Fullstack Bootcamp 2023, organized by VakıfBank, for young people who want to pursue a career in technology, continue.

📌 The applications for the Startup Accelerator Program, organized by the Green Earth Fund (GEF), which was established with the mission of reducing carbon footprint, combating climate change, promoting agricultural recycling and innovative ecosystems, continue.

📌 The Terminal Enterprise Acceleration Program, organized by Turkish Airlines, gave its first graduates. Startups that graduating within the scope of the program; Accumulate, Invamar, Octopus, SegmentHub, Ocalis, ServisSoft, Syntonym, Utilify, Varsapp and Walkers.

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