German fintech startup Vitamin raises fund to financially empower women

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The idea behind Vitamin startup

Vitamin is a Berlin-based startup which has been created early this year, by Andrea Fernandez and Artyom Chelbayev. The founders expressed that their aim was to provide women with guidance and the necessary tools for them to be able to create a momentum which allows them to upgrade their financial situation to a next level and achieve their savings and investing goals.

Recently, the startup announced that they has successfully raised an investment in a second pre-seed round of funding. The value of this investment amounts of 1.7 million Euro.

Some of the names which joined the recently closed round included Calvary Ventures, which previously supported the fintech startup in the first round, Segenia Capital, Nina Pütz of Ratepay GmnH, Marcel Schneider of SumUp, Saskia Gleitsmann of Glietsmann GmbH/Lifetime Ventures, Jörn Pelzer of PINOVA Capital and Vanessa Stützle of Douglas Group.

A project created by a Woman to financially empower women

During the closing of the second round, Ratepay CEO Nina Pütz, which is also investor of Vitamin stated that:

“It is of utmost importance that we create female role models who are ready to show that women have the same potential as men, whether it is in the tech or finance world. Therefore, I am more than pleased to be able to support a company that shares this vision while advocating for women’s financial independence.”

Nina Pütz

With the raise of this investment which enabled the “Discovery Mode”, Users are now able to benefit of strategies. Thanks to these strategies, they will be able to test and compare different investment models. First, one of the potential strategies is suggested according to the user’s personal preferences. Then, some further investment strategies can be added, personalized and compared under real conditions. Though, real money is not invest at this point. The aim being to reduce fear contact and to give women the opportunity to experience of investing a safe way.

Andrea Fernandez, the CEO and co-founder of Vitamin has commented that:

“Surveys have shown that many women would start investing if they find it easy. This includes better access to financial planning, as well as more understandable communication and personalized approaches. Not only that, when women start investing, they become more confident in managing their finances. We want to hep them build that financial confidence without having to jump right into the deep end.”

Andrea Fernandez

Vitamin wants to use to additional funding to expand its team

The additional funding from the raised investment is expected to be used to expand the team and app functionalities. The next step will be to enable users to invest in existing ETF portfolios through the Vitamin app and there fore set up assets over the long term. This function will be available in the course of the coming year. Some plans to further develop the online course offerings are also programmed. In order for woman to be empowered to take their financial future into their own hands, some ideal basis such as the triad of learning, trying things out, and “real” investing created in way will be provided.

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