YouTube Shorts Fund will support content creators in Turkey

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If you follow the YouTube actually, you might probably know that it paid more than $30 billion to contents producers in the last three years. Besides this, it started providing the YouTube Shorts Fund of $100 million to various markets around the world since May.

In fact, the Shorts Creator Fund is a new tool that launched to allow content creators and artists to monetize the content they produce on YouTube. This content ranges from advertising to paid digital products, commercial products to branded content. Monitoring the results of its first performance, YouTube is planning to use this fund in more countries in the coming months.

YouTube Shorts Fund will start in October in Turkey

The fund is planned to be implemented from October in Turkey. It will be distributed to content producers and artists producing creative and unique videos Shorts format.

The qualified channels for the payout in the beginning will earn between $100 and $10,000 every month. In addition to this, will also be some bonus payments. These payment will be calculated based on the channel’s overall Shorts performance and the the position of their viewers.

In his statement on the question, Timur Altop, country manager for YouTube Content ICC partnerships said that

“This fund represents the first step towards our long-term payment plan for Short format videos. We are very excited about the arrival of this feature in Turkey.”

Robert Kyncl, the Chief Business Officer of YouTube said that:

“Over 14 years ago, we launched our first-of-its-kind business model, which was the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). This model shared most of the revenue its generated on the platform with creators. Today, we want to make sure that this concept apply to new content creators.”

Which kind of channels are eligible for the fund?

For channels to be able to benefit from the fund, content producers are expected to meet some criteria. Obviously, the opened channel must comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules and payment policies. The content producers are also expected to have uploaded at least one format-appropriate Shorts video to their channel in the last 180 days.

Another requirement is for the content producer to be above the age of majority accepted in the country or region he lives. However, in order to be eligible, the channel does not have to be already paid from YouTube.

Videos with watermarks or logos from third party social media platforms will not be considered. The non-original videos, re-uploaded contents from other creator’s channels are in the same category.

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