Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Europe / July 1 – 5

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This week, more than 65 funding rounds took place in European entrepreneurship ecosystem. Here is the notable funding rounds and secondary transactions between July 1 – 5:


1 Spain, 1 Estonia, 1 Denmark, 1 Germany

Secondary Transactions:

3 United Kingdom (UK)

Sectors Received Investments:

1 Service Industry

1 Agriculture & Green Tech

1 Quantum Computing

1 Waste Management & Recycling

News of the Week

🎯 Smart mailboxes provider Citibox raised €80 million.

Citibox, an application that allows the user to manage smart mailboxes located in residential or office buildings, has raised €80 million in debt financing round, led by Growth Credit Partners and CoVenture.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Growth Credit Partners, CoVenture

Co-founders: David Bernabeu

Headquarters: Spain

🎯 Climate tech startup eAgronom raised €10 million.

eAgronom, an agriculture-focused climate tech startup, has raised €10 million in Series A2 equity round. The investment round was led by Swedbank AB, wtih participation from Icos Capital, Soulmates Ventures and SmartCap Green Fund.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Swedbank AB, Icos Capital, Soulmates Ventures, SmartCap Green Fund

Co-founders: Robin Saluoks, Kristjan Luha

Headquarters: Estonia

🎯 Quantum computing startup Kvantify raised €10 million.

Kvantify, which provides quantum computing and HPC software solutions that address hard computational challenges, has raised €10 million in Seed funding round, led by Dreamcraft Ventures. Lundbeckfonden BioCapital, 2degrees, Redstone, 2xN and EIFO also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Dreamcraft Ventures, Lundbeckfonden BioCapital, 2degrees, Redstone, 2xN, EIFO


Headquarters: Denmark

🎯 Reusable packaging solutions provider Vytal raised €6.2 million.

Vytal, software-enabled reusable packaging solutions provider, has raised €6.2 million. The investment round was led by Emerald Technology, with participation from Ventis, Kiko VenturesGrazia Equity and Rubio.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Emerald Technology, Ventis, Kiko Ventures, Grazia Equity, Rubio

Co-founders: Tim Breker, Fabian Barthel, Sven Witthöft

Headquarters: Germany

🛒 Taxfix acquires TaxScouts.

Digital tax filing platform Taxfix has acquired tax preparation platform TaxScouts.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: Taxfix


Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

🛒 Dedagroup acquires Quod Orbis.

IT company Dedagroup has acquired continuous controls monitoring firm Quod Orbis.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: Dedagroup


Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

🛒 Lumera acquires ITM.

Insurtech company Lumera has acquired data management and technology solutions provider ITM.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: Lumera


Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

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