Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Europe / January 29 – February 2

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This week, more than 75 funding rounds took place in European entrepreneurship ecosystem. Here is the notable funding rounds and secondary transactions between January 29 – February 2:


2 France, 2 Switzerland, 2 United Kingdom (UK), 1 Italy, 1 Germany

Sectors Received Investments:

1 B2B & Finance

1 Pharmaceutical

1 Biotechnology & AI

1 Hardware & Internet

1 Environmental Consulting & Insurance

1 Clean Energy

1 Renewable Energy & Solar

1 Software

News of the Week

🎯 B2B payment solution provider Kriya raised £50 million.

Kriya, which offers B2B payment solutions and credit services, including trade credit, invoice finance, and authentication for businesses, has raised £50 million from Viola Group.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Viola Group

Co-founders: Anil Stocker

Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

🎯 Pharmatech company Aqemia raised €30 million.

Aqemia, a pharmatech company generating a drug discovery pipeline, has raised €30 million in Series A funding round. The investment round was led by Wendel Growth, with participation from Bpifrance Large Venture, Eurazeo and Elaia.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Wendel Growth, Bpifrance Large Venture, Eurazeo, Elaia

Co-founders: Emmanuelle Rolland-Martiano, Maximilien Levesque

Headquarters: France

🎯 Personalized health monitoring startup Spiden raised $15 million.

Spiden, which  specializes in non-invasive biomarker monitoring technology, has raised $15 million additional funding from undisclosed existing investors, board members and new investors.

Transaction Type: Investment


Co-founders: Leo Grünstein

Headquarters: Switzerland

🎯 Electromagnetic wave control technology company Greenerwave raised €15 million.

Greenerwave, which developed a breakthrough technology using reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) and algorithms to direct signal-carrying waves more effectively in real-time, has raised €15 million from Defence Innovation Fund, Safran Corporate Ventures, BNP Paribas Développement, Intelsat, Bpifrance and Plastic Omnium.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Defence Innovation Fund, Safran Corporate Ventures, BNP Paribas Développement, Intelsat, Bpifrance, Plastic Omnium

Co-founders: Geoffroy Lerosey, Mathias Fink, Timothee Laurent

Headquarters: France

🎯 Carbon credit insurance company CarbonPool raised $12 million.

CarbonPool, which provides credit insurance with claims payments made in-kind, ensuring companies can guarantee the carbon credits that they buy actually materialize, has raised $12 million. The investment round was co-led by The funding round was co-led by Heartcore Capital and Vorwerk Ventures, with participation from HCS Capital, Revent Ventures, Axel Theis and Christof Mascher.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Heartcore Capital, Vorwerk Ventures, HCS Capital, Revent Ventures, Axel Theis, Christof Mascher

Co-founders: Coenraad Vrolijk, Nandini Wilcke, Frederic Olbert

Headquarters: Switzerland

🎯 Energy transition and decarbonization technology company Tau Group raised €11 million.

Tau Group, a technology company that works for the energy transition, decarbonization of energy and electrification of transport, has raised €11 million in Series B extension round, led by CDP Venture Capital and Santander Alternative Investments.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: CDP Venture Capital, Santander Alternative Investments

Co-founders: Francesco Taiariol

Headquarters: Italy

🎯 Renewable energy supplier HDM Solar raised £10.2 million.

HDM Solar, a wholesaler and a supplier of renewable energy products to the trade and public, has raised £10.2 million. The investment round was led by Angel Invest, with participation from DF Capital.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Angel Invest, DF Capital

Co-founders: Daniel Rogers

Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

🎯 Carbon project development software BlueLayer raised $10 million.

BlueLayer, which focuses on building software stacks for project developers producing carbon credits, has raised $10 million cross Seed and pre-Seed funding rounds from Point Nine.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Point Nine

Co-founders: Vivian Bertseka, Gerardo Bonilla

Headquarters: Germany

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