Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Europe / February 26 – March 1

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This week, more than 70 funding rounds took place in European entrepreneurship ecosystem. Here is the notable funding rounds and secondary transactions between February 26 – March 1:


3 France, 2 United Kingdom (UK), 1 Germany, 1 Spain

Secondary Transactions:

1 Denmark, 1 Italy

Sectors Received Investments:

1 Aerospace & Marine Technology

1 Photo Editing & AI

1 Biotechnology

1 Apps

1 Software

1 Financial Services

1 Cyber Security

News of the Week

🎯 Maritime surveillance provider Unseenlabs raised €85 million.

Unseenlabs, which offers maritime surveillance via space-based RF detection, tracking ships worldwide by electromagnetic signatures, has raised €85 million in Series C funding round. The investment round was led by Supernova Invest, ISALT and UNEXO, with participation from 360 Capital, OMNES, Breizh Up, S2G Ventures and Bpifrance.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Supernova Invest, ISALT, UNEXO, 360 Capital, OMNES, Breizh Up, S2G Ventures, Bpifrance

Co-founders: Clement Galic, Jonathan Galic

Headquarters: France

🎯 Image capturing app Photoroom raised $43 million.

PhotoRoom, an ai-enabled image capturing app that lets users create studio-quality product pictures in seconds, has raised $43 million in Series B funding round, led by Balderton Capital. Aglaé and Y Combinator.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Balderton Capita, Aglaé, YCombinator

Co-founders: Eliot Andres, Matthieu Rouif

Headquarters: France

🎯 Screening platform Curve Therapeutics raised £40.5 million.

Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that provides an intracellular screening platform to enable the discovery of innovative therapeutics, has raised £40.5 million in Series A funding round. The investment round was led by Pfizer Ventures, with participation from Columbus Venture Partners, British Patient Capital, Epidarex Capital and Advent Life Sciences.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Pfizer Ventures, Columbus Venture Partners, British Patient Capital, Epidarex Capital, Advent Life Sciences


Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

🎯 Photo-sharing app Lapse raised $30 million.

Lapse, a friends-focused photo-sharing app, has raised $30 million in Series A funding, led Greylock and DST Global Partners. Google Ventures, Octopus Ventures, Speedinvest, Naveen Gavini, Soleio Cuervo, Nima Khajehnouri and Praveen Murugesa.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Greylock, DST Global Partners, Google Ventures, Octopus Ventures, Speedinvest, Naveen Gavini, Soleio Cuervo, Nima Khajehnouri, Praveen Murugesa

Co-founders: Ben Silvertown, Dan Silvertown

Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

🎯 No-code platform Heyflow raised $16 million.

Heyflow, which combines workflows, web pages, integrations, analytics, and optimisation in a unified, comprehensive, no-code platform, has raised $16 million in Series A funding round from Singular.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Singular

Co-founders: Amir Bohnenkamp, Dustin Jaacks

Headquarters: Germany

🎯 Corporate treasury management solution Embat raised $16 million.

Embat, which automates treasury with AI for accounting, payments, and cash forecasting, has raised $16 million in Series A funding round. The investment round was led by Trade Republic, Klarna, iZettle, Pleo and Creandum, with participation from Samaipata, 4Founders, Venture Friends and Martin Blessing.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Trade Republic, Klarna, iZettle, Pleo, Creandum, Samaipata, 4Founders, Venture Friends, Martin Blessing.

Co-founders: Antonio Berga, Carlos Serrano

Headquarters: Spain

🎯 Threat intelligence platform Filigran raised €15 million.

Filigran, which provides enterprises with a threat intelligence platform to prioritise alerts, investigate threats and optimise their existing cybersecurity stack, has raised €15 million in Series A funding round, led by Accel. Moonfire Ventures and Motier Ventures also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Accel, Moonfire Ventures, Motier Ventures

Co-founders: Samuel Hassine, Julien Richard

Headquarters: France

🛒 CycleØ acquires Biogasclean.

Biomethane platform CycleØ has acquired biological methanation and desulphurisation systems supplier Biogasclean.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: CycleØ


Headquarters: Denmark

🛒 Exelab acquires The Client Group.

System Integrator Enterprise of HubSpot Exelab has acquired consulting firm The Client Group.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: Exelab


Headquarters: Italy

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