Twitter now allows everyone to create their Spaces room

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Twitter is fulfilling his promise about Spaces room

The tech giant April’s promise regarding the (Twitter Spaces room) according to which “Everyone can open a Spaces’ room” has finally became true. This allows now all its users to be able to open a Spaces room to chat.

Earlier this year, an app known as Clubhouse entered in our lives. The sudden popularity of this app which became the most preferred of almost everybody, obliged many technology giants to create similar applications. From Discord to Facebook, LinkedIn to Twitter, many technology’s giants designed their own voice chat platforms; news which was shared in so many media.

The decrease in the effects of the pandemic recently influenced the social media sphere. For example, more people do not stay at home compared to the pandemic’s beginning. This considerably decreased the need to socialize online. And consequently, the Clubhouse frenzy came to a drastic end. Until then, while some platforms has even stopped broadcasting these applications, Twitter recently informed that it has launched it’s own version of Spaces. He even engaged itself in the development of this feature. In fact, we learnt in April that Spaces, which was first was firstly available on mobile, will also be made available for Twitter’s web users. As if this was not enough, the “Ticketed Spaces” feature was announced for Spaces. The latter was opened to iOS users in August.

Everyone can now open a personal Spaces

Some days ago, Twitter announced a new update specific to Spaces. The tech giant’s promise that “everyone can open a Spaces room” has finally become true. This has allow to all the platform’s users to be able to create or open their personal spaces to chat. Earlier this year, the company limited Spaces access to accounts which counted of at least 600 followers. This condition will no more be necessary. Twitter says that the feature will be available to all mobile users. The graphic shared next to the announcement informs that users will also be able to create spaces from the button they will use to send a tweet.

This might means that Twitter is making its way into Spaces since its Beta version was released last year. Recently, Spaces introduced the ability for the host to add up to 2 co-hosts and up to 10 speakers. This is can be an alternative to some other platforms like Zoom, since it allowed more larger events with more moderators. the least we can is that the launch of Spaces is a good new. Though, it is to be remembered that Twitter removed the Fleets Stories feature last summer.

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