The Turkish game company Hungri Games, opens its doors in Ireland for global growth

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Known for having shine through the various games that it created around the world, Hungri Games, which has recently received an investment of 1.1 million dollars over a 10 million dollar valuation from the UK based game investment and finance company Triple Gragon, announced that it opens its door in Belfast, the Capital of Ireland, with the aim of accelerating its global growth and at including new talents.

Hungri Games will sign games contracts special to the European market

Hungri Games Co-founder Kağan Berk Koçak, after having stated that they will better keep the pulse of games lovers in the European market with the team established with the focus of the new game studio opened in the United Kingdom said:

“We are currently working on a new and exciting game about the 1st World War. In addition to our already existing talented teammates in Turkey, we started the process of recruitment of new talents from different cultural backgrounds for our new office. We aim to build a team of 25 people by mid-2022 in our Belfast studio, which will include experienced people in our sector in the global arena.”

The doors of the Belfast Studio is open to Turkish talents.

Hungri Games, which has achieved significant success by publishing 2 mid-core games on the global market in a very short period of two years, will employ many experts with job descriptions such as game developers, level designers and projects managers for its new studio. While maintaining a worldwide talent management strategy, it will also evaluate applications from Turkey from the same perspective.

Series A wants to jump right away into the investment process

Kaan Berk Koçak, who stated that they underlined at every opportunity that their clearest goal is to be a globally recognized and respected mobile game startup, founded by an experienced and successful team in the world of gaming industry, continued this speech as follows:

“In this process, we aim to be in the top grossing 20 game list in countries with high potential inn the core and mid-core game segments in the EMEA (European, Middle East and Africa) and American markets. To achieve this goal, the whole team is clamped together. We will continue to progress on this path with both our Istanbul and Belfast Studios.”

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