Normative will facilitate companies’carbon footprints calculation

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Have you ever thought about an engine which tracks supply chain emissions for companies to know how much carbon footprints are they producing? Normative has built a notoriety for itself by outstanding in that area since its creation.

Accelerate transition to net zero emissions: Not too much as a mission…

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In fact, since its creation in 2014, Stockholm-headquartered Normative has been assigned a mission. The founders of this initiative want to reverse the course of climate change and accelerate the transition to net zero emissions. And you might ask how?

They are simply expecting to reach their mission by providing science-based emissions accounting, using artificial intelligence in conjunction with a sustainability research database. This process will assist companies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by compiling a complete picture of the climate footprint.

The success of the startup owned him some important partnerships such as the one with the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, the UK’s SME Climate Hub and another collaboration with

Estimations informs us that in order to calculate a company’s emissions today, the startup uses more than 200,000,000 data points with its emissions calculation engine. The startup precised that its actually less than 1% of companies worldwide which do measure their carbon footprint. It also stressed that it was just a beginning and that it will continue its way for the reaching of its mission.

Normative is the world’s first emissions calculation engine

Normative sees itself as “the world’s first emissions calculation engine”. In fact, the founder and CEO of Normative Kristian Rönn, has been so strict with this number. According to him, there companies equipped with incomplete or incorrect data. Consequently, this data make false claims and thus take actions based on misleading information to reduce emissions. That is why for him, the only way of effectively reducing emissions worldwide starts with understanding it.

Early this month, the company made an announcement according to which it received a fund of 10 million euros. This investment is from an important climate investor in Europe. The funding round which was led by sustainable technologies ETF Partners and Copenhagen-based 2150 known the participation of LowerCarbon Capital, ByFounders and Luminar Ventures. Normative highlighted the fact that the will use this funding in guiding more businesses on their path to net zero reduce carbon emissions globally so that they can minimize the effects of climate change.

In ending the meeting, the CEO Rönn said:

“I am proud to say that all of our investors share our beliefs and have years of experience on the road to a more sustainable future.”

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