iPhone and Apple Watch car crash detection: Discover the new project of Apple.

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A car crash detector for Apple users soon

According to the news of the Wall Street Journal, Apple has been working on a new feature for iPhone and Apple Watch models. In fact, the information revealed informs us that Apple will launch the car crash detection feature for iPhone and Apple Watch models. It is important to know that in the past years, came across with the fall detection feature it offered for Apple Watch models.

The recently developed technology, which is the car accident detection feature, as a very simple working logic. I will detect the potentiality of a crash in situation it is likely to occurs. As soon, a notification will be sent to the necessary places. For example, the feature is expected to be available initially in the USA. Therefore, inside America, it will automatically notify the 911 service when it detects a car accident.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the apple car crash detection feature will appear in less then a year. It worth reminding that many cars today have such features. Nevertheless, the fact that the feature is available for all iPhone and Apple Watch owners will allow it to be used by a much wider audience.

All through a G force system

iPhone and Apple Watch models will measure the G force and observe sudden increases with their sensors. A sudden increase in G force will be associated with a car crash possibilities. And as we said previously, when such situation appears, authorities will be immediately notified.

However, the question remains around how accurate will the feature be in the detection of car crashes? Only the coming months will inform us.

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