Electric vehicles charging stations in Turkey: Euromaster is expanding its field of activity

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The tire and vehicle maintenance provider Euromaster, operating under the umbrella of Michelin Group, seems to be expanding its field of activity in Turkey. There has been a rapid growth in the number of electric vehicles in Turkey as well in the world. This has been an opportunity for the company, which is already starting some projects.

The company executed the foundations of a charging station network for entirely electric vehicles. As a result, it commissioned two charging stations in Istanbul and one in each of Ankara and Adana cities.

As we all know, Euromaster has the advantage of offering charging services compatible with all brands and models of electric vehicles at its stations. Accordingly, his aim is to increase the number of stations in Turkey and particularly Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir roads.

Electricity is the fuel of the future

This project of Euromaster is being supported by the leading company in this field Voltrun, which has devices with a capacity of 22 kilowatts per hour. As he was evaluating the issue, Euromaster Turkey’s General Manager Jean Marc Penalba made a statement about the subject. He said:

“As Euromaster, we are planing to be among the companies that offer effective solutions and services for electric vehicles. We accelerated our work with the prediction that electricity will be the dominant fuel in vehicles used in Europe by 2030. Therefore, we have laid the foundations of our electrical vehicle charging station network in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana. Furthermore, we are ready for car rental with electric and hybrid vehicles as well as for all companies with a fleet. We offer the necessary maintenance and repairs for these vehicles at out Euromaster service points. We do strengthen our services with the training we provide to our dealer personnel in this field as well.

It is worth recalling that Euromaster is provider of professional tire and vehicle maintenance services to up to 156 service points in 54 provinces of Turkey. Together with that, the company is now also making a name for itself in investing in charging stations for electric vehicles.

Euromaster stations charge every brand and model of vehicle

As we already said, Euromaster is being supported in the charging of its stations by Voltrun brand, known for being an expert in its field. It offers maintenance and repair services needed by electric and hybrid vehicles at its dealers with a TS 12047 certificate across Turkey. With Voltrun devices (capacity of 22 Kilowatts per hour), the company allows the charging of all brands and models of electric vehicles. The vehicle owners are able to charge their vehicles by scanning a QR code with the Voltrun mobile application. Besides, in case of need they can be charged with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card sent by Voltrun. However, Euromaster demands certain criteria for dealer candidates for the electric vehicle charging station it aims to expand. In order for vehicle owners to access social facilities, the point of charge has its own parking space.

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