Clubhouse updated its platform with a new Feature

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Clubhouse updated its platform with a “Replay” Feature

Clubhouse, which sees itself as more than an online podcast platform, made an announcement recently. According to this, both on iOS and Android, users will now be able to enjoy a new update: Replay feature.

This new feature will allow creators to record an audio room in order for people who missed the session to check it later. The company first announced the feature’s arrival at the end of September.

Now, with the “Replay” feature enabled, moderators will have to their disposable some extra possibilities. They will be able to optionally record their public rooms while starting it and save it to a club or a user profile. The replay has the possibility to be downloaded for hosts to share it externally. This could be in a form of podcast, a clip on Youtube, an Instagram story, a Tiktok video, or anywhere else that they wish.

The “Replay” Feature can be use with a previously released Feature

In the past, Clubhouse introduced another feature which allows to users feature a relevant link at the top of a room. This feature, previously introduced have the possibility to be linked to the Replay’s roll-out.

In that way, any user listening to a recorded room will have the possibility to skip to the next speaker. They could also set it at 1.5 or 2x speed, make a 30-second clip for its external use.

Users who couldn’t join the experience in real time will have the possibility to get connected. Furthermore the creators will be able to see who is listening to a room replay once it has been ended.

From the coming week, Replays are planned to to pop up in Clubhouse’s existing discovery feature. Moreover, the social media platform is also introducing a feature for hosts. The feature will give to the latter useful analytics regarding how many cumulative users have listened to a particular room.

In fact, there is no doubt that the ability to replay audio rooms expands clubhouse’s appeals in a considerable way. Users are now free to catch up any audio events in case the they missed it, as the platform is now having a discovery engine through which research are made.

Beside, creators will enjoy as well the option as they could be able to expose their best content for a broader audience right after closing a room.

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