$51 million dollar investment secured by the Indian Edtech BrightChamps

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Facilitating children’s learning with BrightChamps

BrightChamps, an Indian education technology startup, shared that it has received an investment of $ 51 million. This investment was led by Premji in a new funding round, together with the participation of GSV Ventures. With the new capital, the company reached a valuation of 500 million dollars. However, it is worth recalling that until today, the company’s total amount of investment is $63 million dollar.

BrightChamps Founder, Ravi Bhushan Source: NextBigBrand

In fact, the company which was founded in mid-2020 by Ravi Bhushan offers online courses to kids aged 6-16 years. With its expertly crafted programs, its complement the school curriculum to nurture children’s talents and guide them to success in line with their natural talents and inclinations.

Learning with flexibility, in different languages

Thanks to this program, the students have the possibility to attend online classes in any local language of their choice. Highlighting that children around the world cannot reveal their talents with their education at school alone, BrightChamps aims to be one of the leading names in transformative digital education.

As it has been the case for many educational technology startups during the pandemic, BrightChamps has grown rapidly and has expanded its online courses to many topics. Until now, through its activeness in 10 countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the company helps to eliminate barriers to education. However, the company connects more than 1000 teachers and more than 100,000 students around the world through its platform.

With its already existing 200 full-time employees, BrightChamps is planing to use the new capital to grow globally. It research of new market in the coming months could lead him into the United States and Canada for example. Likewise,it also plans to increase its network by acquiring companies providing services in the field of educational technologies.

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