24 – 30 April Turkey Startup Ecosystem Summary

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Last week, 6 Turkish startups received investment in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and 1 startup purchase has been made. The headquarters of the startups that received investment were distributed as Istanbul and London. 4 venture capital investment fund was also established.

The vertical distribution of the startups receiving investment is as follows:

1 Entertainment

1 HR Tech

1 Market Place

1 E-Commerce

1 Blockchain / Fintech

1 EdTech

News of the Week

Last week, 4 Venture Capital Investment Fund (GSYF) received establishment permission.

In the Turkish Capital Markets Board (CBM) bulletin published on Thursday, April 27th; It was announced that 2 portfolio company received establishment permission for 4 venture capital investment fund.

Permitted Funds:

A1 Portföy Yönetimi AŞ First Mixed Venture Capital Investment Fund

A1 Portfolio Management AŞ Edik Ventures Innovative Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund

A1 Portfolio Management AŞ Expansion Funding Venture Capital Investment Fund

Arz Gayrimenkul ve Girişim Sermayesi Portföy Yönetimi AŞ Seventh Venture Capital Investment Fund

🎯 Comics platform Çizgi Studio raised funding.

Storytelling and comics platform Comic Studio, received an investment of $222.000 from Power House.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: $222.000

Valuation: –

Investors: Power House

Co-founders: Yağmur Aydemir 

🎯 Recruitment platform VireUp raised funding.

VireUp, which digitizes the recruitment processes of companies and analyzes candidate interviews on a sentence basis, received an investment with a valuation of £3.25 million. The investment round was joined by Startup Wise Guys, Naseem Malik and 1 Turkish angel invetor.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: –

Valuation: £3.250.000

Investors: Startup Wise Guys, Naseem Malik, angel investor

Co-founders: Efe Pazarçeviren, Arda Çelebi

🎯 Neighborhood market app Pazardan raised funding.

Pazardan, a platform that digitizes market shopping, has raised 4.937.417 TL in crowdfunding tour with a valuation of 66 million TL, through Startup Burada. The investment round was joined by 517 investors, including Hedef Holding, OTTO Holding and angel investors.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: 4.937.417 TL

Valuation: 66.000.000 TL

Investors: Hedef Holding, OTTO Holding, other investors

Co-founders: Burak Sıraç, Bora Gündüz, Okan Tübek

🎯 E-commerce platform Taksit Market raised funding.

The e-commerce platform Taksit Market, which brings many products, especially electronic products, to consumers with advantageous loan rates, received an investment from Finberg.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: –

Valuation: –

Investors: Finberg

Co-founders: Onur Özdemir

🎯 Blockchain startup Metatime raised funding.

Metatime, which offers blockchain-based smart applications, digital products and various services, received an investment of $11 million in Seed funding round, led by Yıldız Tekno Venture Capital Investment Trust. Halkbank, Türk Telekom Ventures, Kalyon Ventures and 33 angel investors also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: $11.000.000

Valuation: –

Investors: Yıldız Tekno Venture Capital Investment Trust, Halkbank, Türk Telekom Ventures, Kalyon Ventures, other investors

Co-founders: Yusuf Sevim

🎯 Education technology startup Argedu raised funding.

Argedu, a new generation education platform with cinematic visual effects and 3D models, received an investment from Founder One.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Amount: –

Valuation: –

Investors: Founder One

Co-founders: –

🛒 Rams Türkiye acquires GAİN.

Digital broadcasting platform GAIN was acquired by Rams Türkiye Group.

Transaction Type: Acquisiton

Investors: Rams Türkiye

Co-founders: Gözde Akpınar

Other News of the Week:

📌 Tüpraş has established Tüpraş Ventures to invest in technology venture companies, create strategic collaborations, develop the ecosystem, and reach domestic and international technology startups.

📌 WePlay Ventures has launched the WePlay Hub Acceleration Program in Europe with the support of key players in the gaming ecosystem.

📌 The applications for the IMEHub Acceleration Program funded by the European Union and carried out by the International Migration Policy Development Center (ICMPD), in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey and Istanbul Development Agency, have started.

📌 The applications for TUBITAK Mx BIGG Marmara Program, which is carried out under the management of Marmara University Teknopark A.Ş and in cooperation with Okan University, continue.


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