22 – 28 August Türkiye Startup Ecosystem Summary

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This week, 5 Turkish startups received investment in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Three different venture capital investment funds(GSYF) were established this week. In the startup ecosystem, 1 new crowdfunding platform received permission to establish. The headquarters of 5 startups receiving investment is located in Istanbul.

The vertical sectors distribution of 5 Turkish startups is as follows:

1 Cyber ​​Security

1 SaaS/E-Signature

1 Hardware/Refurbished

1 Efficiency

1 Game/Educational Game

News of the Week

Last week, 3 Venture capital investment funds(GSYF) received establishment permission.

In the bulletin published by the Capital markets board (CMB) last week, the news that 3 portfolio companies received establishment permission for 3 venture capital investment funds was shared. It is unclear whether this fund will directly invest in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Allowed funds:

24 Real Estate and Private Equity Portfolio Management A.Ş. Platinum Venture Capital Investment Fund

Hedef Portfolio Management Development Venture Capital Investment Fund

Qinvest Portfolio Management Macellan Advanced Technology Venture Capital Investment Fund

Last week, a new crowdfunding platform received permission to establish.

The application for permission to establish a crowdfunding platform named Ecofolio Crowdfunding Platform was received positively.

🎯 Focused Pupa, a startup that changes the unnecessary phone usage habits of its users, raised funding.

Focused Pupa, a focus application that helps users to reduce screen time for their phone usage habits and spend a productive time, received an investment of 1.2 million TL with the Fund Angels Crowdfunding platform.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investment Received: 1.200.000 TL

Targeted Amount: 1.200.000 TL

Valuation: 8.000.000 TL

Investors: Angels Crowdfunding Platform (225 Investor Shares, 17 Qualified Investors)

Co-founders: Mehmet Aydın

🎯 Digital trust-building platform Inspakt  raised funding.

Inspakt, the digital document production processes and digital trust-building platform with biometric signature, received a pre-seed investment of 150 thousand dollars from Investment Capital Heaventures.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount: $150.000

Investors: Heaventures

Co-founders: Anıl Topal, Kağan Alper Cin

🎯 Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund invested in 3 startups.

Re-Pie Portfolio Management A.Ş., which was established by Turkcell in cooperation with Re-Pie Portfolio last March. Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund (Turkcell GSYO) made 3 different investments. Companies with investment: EasyCep in the hardware sector, Barikat, and Procenne in the cyber security sector. We shared the investment news of Barikat with you last week.

🎯 Refurbished electronic marketplace EasyCep raised funding.

Refurbished electronic device market EasyCep received investment from Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Re-Pie Portfolio Management A.Ş. Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund (Turkcell GDP)

Co-founders: Mehmet Akif Özdemir, İsmail Dinçer

🎯 Digital Security brand Procenne raised funding.

Developing high-tech products in the field of encryption technologies and digital security, Procenne received investment from the Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Re-Pie Portfolio Management A.Ş. Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund (Turkcell GSYO)

Co-founders: Muhsin Uyanık, İlyas Uyanık, Mehmet Selçuk Yayan

🎯 njoyKidz, the startup that develops skill-based games for children,  raised funding.

NjoyKidz, which offers skill-based games for the cognitive abilities of children aged 2-9 and enables parents to follow their children’s development, received an investment of 525 thousand dollars over a 5 million dollar valuation under the leadership of WePlay Ventures.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount: $525.000

Valuation: $5.000.000

Investors: WePlay Ventures, DOMiNO Ventures, Anibera, Angel Effect, Aegean Ventures, Mustafa Serdar Arıkan

Co-founders: Utku Bozkurt

Other News:

📌 Domestic home textile brand Bella Maison opened to the USA, Germany and England in e-commerce processes.

📌 9 new startups were selected for the 10th Term Workup Entrepreneurship Program, which will last for 4 months. startups: Finso, F-Ray, Hipokid, Magnus, Memotive, Paff Studios, Abonesepeti, İnteraktif Kredi,  Kaira Network

📌 Togg collaborated with BlindLook, a startup working in the field of accessibility technologies with voice command, to ensure the accessibility of visually impaired users.

📌 Paymes, a financial technology startup that mediates buying and selling products with messaging applications, was the first Turkish financial startup to start money transfer in Azerbaijan.

 Paymes merged with PayTabs, a payment company located in the Middle East and North Africa region, last April. Apart from Türkiye and Azerbaijan, it also started to operate in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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