15 – 21 August Türkiye Startup Ecosystem Summary

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This week, 6 Turkish startups received investment. 1 company has been acquired.

The headquarters of 3 startups that received investment are located in Istanbul, 1 in the USA, 1 in Ankara, and 1 in Bursa.

There are a total of 2 female founding partners in these 6 startups.

The vertical sectors distribution of 6 Turkish startups is as follows:

2 Finance

1 Metaverse

1 Food Delivery

1 Gaming

1 Machine Learning

News of the Week

🎯 Atlas Space, which offers companies a virtual universe, received investment.

Metaverse as a Service startup Atlas Space received an investment from DOMiNO Ventures. Continuing its activities in the USA, Atlas Space will establish an office in Paris and Berlin with the new investment.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount:

Investors: DOMiNO Ventures

Co-founders: Burçin Gürbüz, Pınar Öncü

🎯 KolayBi, which offers solutions for finance and pre-accounting processes, received an investment.

KolayBi, the pre-accounting program that also optimizes the office work of businesses, received an investment of 1 million 150 thousand dollars in the investment round, in which Techone Venture Capital and Türkiye’s leading venture capital funds also participated.

After the QNBEYOND Acceleration Program, KolayBi, which increased its customer base with the cooperation of Digital Bridge, received an investment with the valuation of 13.7 million TL from QNBEYOND Ventures in 2020. It aims to develop new products and strengthen its growth strategy for its 100,000 active customers, which it plans to serve in 2023.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount:  1.150.000 $

Valuation: –

Investors: Techone Venture Capital, Different GSYO’s

Co-founders: Gökhan Boyana, Cem Ekinci

🎯 Online food delivery startup Fuudy receives investment.

Fuudy, the new generation food and beverage package platform, received an investment of 300 thousand dollars over a 11 million dollar valuation from Techmine Venture Capital Investment Trust.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount: 300.000 $

Valuation: 11.000.000 $

Investors: Techmine

Co-founders: İlker Baydar, Cem Mirap

🎯 F-Ray, the algorithmic stock market fundamental analysis platform, received investment.

F-Ray, which performs instant algorithmic financial analysis and evaluation of all public or closed companies, received a seed investment of 1.7 million TL from Estonia-based startup acceleration program and investment fund Startup Wise Guys. Founded in METU Teknopark, F-Ray provides services in Türkiye, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. It will soon serve the Irish and US markets.

F-Ray will also take part in the Global Fintech Acceleration Program run by Startup Wise Guys and the EBRD. The Acceleration Program will continue for the next 5 months in Bucharest and Tallinn.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount: 1.700.000 TL

Valuation: –

Investors: Startup Wise Guys

Co-founders: Mehmet Eray, Erdem Uzun

🎯 Game startup company Metacorn Games received investment.

Bursa-based gaming startup Metacorn Games received an investment of 8 million TL from an angel investor. Metacorn Games is working on a game of chance and strategy called “Supergame”.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount: 8.000.000 TL

Valuation: –

Investors: Angel Investor

Co-founders: Ali Özer 

🎯 TAZI.AI, the startup that provides recruitment processes with artificial intelligence, received investment.

Machine Learning (Automated Machine Learning) Platform TAZI AI System has received a $4.6 million seed investment led by Illuminate Ventures. TAZI AI, an ITU Teknopark firm, took the stage in the second term of the Endeavor ScaleUp Acceleration Program in 2019 and at the Hello Tomorrow Türkiye Finals in 2018.

Transaction Type: Investment

Transaction Amount: 4.600.000 $

Valuation: –

Investors: Illuminate Ventures, Diffusion Capital Partners, Foothill Ventures, Handshake Ventures, Angel Investors

Co-founders: Zehra Çataltepe

🛒 Turkcell acquired 20 percent of the cyber security company Barikat.

Türkiye’s one of the most important establishment; Turkcell, an integrated communications and technology services company, acquired 20 percent of Barikat Cyber ​​Security Group of Companies. This investment was provided by Turkcell’s corporate venture capital fund “Re-Pie Portfolio Management Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund”.

Transaction Type: Acquired

Transaction Amount: 

Share Ratio: %20

Investors: Re-Pie Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş. Turkcell New Technologies Venture Capital Investment Fund.

Co-founders: Murat Hüseyin Candan

 ✏️A Slice of Entrepreneurship 🍰

 ‘Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.’

  • Simon Sinek

Other News:

📌 “Future Founders Basic Entrepreneurship Program”, which was held in cooperation with the International Incubation Center and Üretken Akademi, ended with the Demo Day. 10 different initiatives took the stage at Demo Day. 3 startups were selected by the jury and won a total of $600 worth of awards.

Nizamettin Sami Harputlu, co-founder of StartupCentrum, Mücahit Aköz, Anadolu Agency Organizational Development Assistant Manager, and Sami Serdar, International Incubation Center Manager, were among the juries.

Selected Startups:


Human Signature


📌 Austria-based gaming company Mooxer Games continues its investments in the Turkish market with its 40-person team. Mooxer Games will complete 3 new game projects at the end of this year.

📌 In Eastern Black Sea Startup Acceleration Program‘22 Demodays, which was cooperated by the Development Agency and KTU TTM, 12 different entrepreneurs had the opportunity to make a presentation to 10 investors and investment company representatives

📌 Within the scope of the Horizon Europe program, the Women TechEU call was opened for companies working in the field of deep technology, having female senior management positions or co-founders.

The Turkish part of the program is carried out in partnership with Impact Hub Istanbul’s food and agriculture entrepreneurship platform Foodback and Topraktan.co.

Porion, manufactures a pocket-portable, easy-to-use and rechargeable biosensor for people with celiac disease that can detect gluten in all kinds of foods within minutes and at sensitive levels.

SoilBiome develops a plant-specific fertilizer supplement that increases plant resistance and yield with endophytic bacteria to be detected at species level by eDNA method.

Limonita is a vegan butcher that produces vegan cuisine and vegetable meat, working for a sustainable world that respects the right to life of all living things.

T2B provides beekeeping automation, vital data collection, data analysis, operations planning and operations control.

Şarapp offers a mobile application that is created by the combination of wine, which has an important role in the world of gastronomy, and technology.

Bionome is working on the microalgae-based recombinant production of CBD oil.

Farmhood develops healthy foods that have not lost their naturalness by utilizing food technologies, especially the Freeze Dry method, to protect agricultural resources, increase the value of agricultural production and reduce waste.

Sumatrix  uses bacteria to convert organic waste into biodegradable biocellulose polymers.

Biopols ensures that foods are kept fresh for a longer period of time, by using biopolymer composites enriched with natural molecules.

NFS enriches daily foods with functional nutrients obtained from natural sources, natural processes, and produces functional foods by taking food beyond nutrition.

📌 Empowering Women in Agrifood, the incubation program that supports women entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector will take place in the EWA Women Entrepreneur Program that Creates Change in Food and Agriculture.

📌 Yapı Kredi launched the Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program in order to create a framework that can produce continuous innovation with an agile culture by focusing on customer needs.

Focus and Program Conditions: Open to all startups that develop products and services with Blockchain technologies such as DeFi, Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, Wallet and have MVP ready.

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