Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Turkiye / November 13 – 19

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Last week, 4 Turkish startups received investment in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The headquarters of the startups that received investment were distributed as Istanbul, Eskişehir, Kocaeli and Izmir. 1 venture capital investment fund was also established.

The vertical distribution of the startups receiving investment is as follows:

1 Mobile Gaming

1 Education / Gaming

1 Biotechnology

1 Software – Blueit

News of the Week

Last week, 1 Venture Capital Investment Fund (GSYF) received establishment permission.

In the Turkish Capital Markets Board (CBM) newsletter published on Wednesday, November 15th; It was announced that 1 portfolio company received establishment permission for 1 venture capital investment fund.

Permitted Funds:

Nurol Portföy Yönetimi AŞ Büyüyen İşletmeler Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Fonu

🎯 Mobile gaming startup YAMY Studio raised funding with $8 million valuation.

Mobile gaming studio YAMY Studio, has raised funding with $8 million valuation. The investment round was joined by UP Venture Capital, İz Yatırım Holding and other angel investors.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: $8.000.000

Investors: UP Venture Capital, İz Yatırım Holding, Mübin Karpuzcu, other angel investors

Co-founders: Ahmet Fırat Akben, Yunus Alkan, Mikdat Doğru

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Educational game developer Tunga Games raised 1 million TL.

Tunga Games, which develops educational and development-supporting games for primary school children, has raised 1 million TL from Founder One.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: Founder One


Headquarters: Eskişehir

🎯 Clinical decision support system developer PhiTech raised $250.000.

PhiTech, which develops an artificial intelligence-supported clinical decision support system that processes DNA and RNA sequence data, has raised $250.000 from Arya GSYF.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: Arya GSYF

Co-founders: Dr. Saliha Durmuş, Prof. Dr. Tunahan Çakır, Prof. Dr. Erdoğan Sevilgen

Headquarters: Kocaeli

🎯 Water management platform Blueit raised $250.000.

Blueit, which offers a water management platform that monitors and optimizes water consumption in industrial facilities and commercial buildings in real time, has raised $250.000 from Sabancı ARF Programme.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: –

Investors: Sabancı ARF Programme

Co-founders: Hülya Tomak

Headquarters: Izmir

Other News of the Week:

📌 The fifth term call of Migros Up, which creates a common culture between Migros and entrepreneurs, carries out innovation activities and continues to add value to the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem, has started.

📌 The startups that qualified to participate in Web Summit 2023, within the scope of the Call for Participation in Global Entrepreneurship Events, met with investors in Lisbon.

📌 The startups that will take the stage in the Big Bang Startup Challenge, which has been organized by ITU Çekirdek for 12 years, have been announced.

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