Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Turkiye / January 15 – 21

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Last week, 8 Turkish startups received investment in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and 1 secondary transaction has been made. The headquarters of the startups that received investment were distributed as Istanbul, Kayseri, United Kingdom and Ohio.

The vertical distribution of the startups receiving investment is as follows:

2 Gaming

1 Financial Technology

1 Software & Data

1 Marketplace & Price Comparison

1 Battery & Software

1 Cyber Security

1 Music

News of the Week

🎯 Mobile gaming startup Pine Games raised $2.25 million.

Pine Games, a mobile game studio focusing on IP-based puzzle games, has raised $2.25 million in pre-Seed funding round, led by Laton Ventures and 500 Emerging Europe. Mert Gür, founder of Loop Games, also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment


Investors: Laton Ventures, 500 Emerging Europe, Mert Gür

Co-founders: Burak Sarp, Yankı Yağız Akpek, Yasin Yıldırım

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Wide Game Studio raised funding with $1.2 million valuation.

Wide Game Studio, a game studio that develops virtual reality games, has raised an investment in pre-Seed funding round with $1.2 million valuation. The investment round was led by Kültepe Yatırım, with participation from angel investors Fatih Şahin and Vedat Çavuşoğlu.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: $1.200.000

Investors: Kültepe Yatırım, Fatih Şahin, Vedat Çavuşoğlu

Co-founders: Ramazan Mert Ural, Muharrem Ataberk Sandıkçı, Ahmed Demirezen

Headquarters: Kayseri

🎯 Financial technology startup Zephlex raised $1.5 million.

Zephlex, which develops artificial intelligence-supported financial technologies, has raised $1.5 million with $15 million valuation. The investment round was joined by ESI Ventures.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: $15.000.000

Investors: ESI Ventures

Co-founders: R. Tümay Şahin, Güray Nur

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Analysis services provider Trendbox raised 20 million TL.

Trendbox, which provides analysis and reporting services for the retail industry, has raised 20 million TL in pre-Seed funding round from Finberg.

Transaction Type: Investment


Investors: Finberg


Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Price comparison platform arabunu.com raised $350.000.

arabunu.com, which helps users buy the products they need at affordable prices, has raised $350.000. The investment round was joined by Maxis Yenilikçi Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Fonu and co-founder Serkan Koç.

Transaction Type: Investment


Investors: Maxis Yenilikçi Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Fonu, Serkan Koç

Co-founders: Serkan Koç, Duhan İsmail Acar

Headquarters: Istanbul

🎯 Smart battery management software Eatron Technologies raised funding.

Eatron Techonlogies, which develops artificial intelligence-supported smart battery management software, has raised an investment in Series A funding round, led by LG Technology Ventures. 100th Year Venture Capital, Türkiye Kalkınma Fonu and MMC Ventures also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment


Investors: LG Technology Ventures, 100. Yıl Girişim Sermayesi, Türkiye Kalkınma Fonu, MMC Ventures

Co-founders: Can Kurtuluş, Umut Genç, Amedeo Bianchimano

Headquarters: United Kingdom

🎯 Cyber security startup Anchor raised funding.

Anchor, which develops cyber security solutions that help businesses protect their data, has raised funding from INVEST101, established by Türkiye Kalkınma Fonu and ODTÜ Teknokent.

Transaction Type: Investment


Investors: INVEST101

Co-founders: Emre Koksal, Harihara Varma Indukuri

Headquarters: Ohio

🎯 Soundbank raised funding with $1.25 million valuation.

Soundbank (Parça), which provides regular income by sharing digital streaming revenues of songs, has raised funding with $1.25 million valuation. The investment round was joined by İTÜ ARI Teknokent and TechnoBee.

Transaction Type: Investment

Valuation: $1.250.000

Investors: İTÜ ARI Teknokent, TechnoBee

Co-founders: Kadir Sarban

Headquarters: Istanbul

🛒 Pionr acquires Norma.

Startup technology company Pionr has acquired financial technology app Norma.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: Pionr

Co-founders: Serkan Kocaman

Headquarters: Istanbul

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