Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Europe / August 27 – September 2

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This week, more than 70 funding rounds took place in European entrepreneurship ecosystem. Here is the notable funding rounds and secondary transactions between August 27 – September 2:


1 Ireland, 1 Germany, 1 Iceland, 1 France, 1 Finland

Secondary Transactions:

2 Germany, 1 France, 1 Sweden

Sectors Received Investments:

1 Energy

1 Information Technology

1 Travel

1 Health Care

1 Satellite Communication

News of the Week

🎯 LED and solar panel provider UrbanVolt raised €26 million.

UrbanVolt, solar panel provider to commercial rooftops, has raised €26 million from Vardane.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Vardane

Co-founders: Declan Barrett, Kevin Maughan

Country: Ireland

🎯 Deep-tech startup beeOLED raised €13.3 million.

beeOLED, which develops an efficient & stable deep-blue emitter to improve displays in phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other displays, has raised €13.3 million in Series A funding round, co-led by eCAPITAL and Innovation Industries. KBC Focus Fund, M Ventures, HTGF, TGFS and JBN-Invest also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: eCAPITAL, Innovation Industries, KBC Focus Fund, M Ventures, HTGF, TGFS, JBN-Invest

Co-founders: Carsten Rothe, Volodymyr Senkovskyy, Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth

Country: Germany

🎯 Online travel agency Travelshift raised $10 million.

Travelshift, which allows companies to effortlessly build a thriving online marketplace for travel bookings, has raised $10 million from General Electric.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: General Electric

Co-founders: –

Country: Iceland

🎯 Digital mental health platform Teale raised €10 million.

Teale, a digital mental health platform for employees, has raised €10 million in Series A funding round. The investment round was led by Alter Equity 3P and Bpifrance Digital Venture.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Alter Equity 3P, Bpifrance Digital Venture

Co-founders: Geoffroy Verzat, Julia Néel Biz, Nicolas Merlaud, Gilles Rasigade

Country: France

🎯 Software-enabled satellites provider ReOrbit raised $7.4 million.

ReOrbit, which provides autonomous and interconnected satellites optimised for efficient and reliable delivery of customer space-related data, has raised $7.4 million in Seed funding round. The investment round was led by Inventure VC, with participation from 10x Founders, Icebreaker.vc, Expansion and Yes VC. 

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Inventure VC, 10x Founders, Icebreaker.vc, Expansion, Yes VC

Co-founders: Sethu Saveda Suvanam

Country: Finland

🛒 Circus acquires Aitme.

Foodtech startup Circus has acquired culinary robotics startup Aitme.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: Circus

Co-founders: Emanuel Pallua, Julian Stoss

Country: Germany

🛒 SlimPay, acquired by Trustly.

Global payments method Trustly has acquired recurring payments provider SlimPay for €70 million.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: Trustly

Co-founders: Jean-Louis Hoenen, Jerome Traisnel

Country: France

🛒 atNorth acquires Gompute.

High-performance computing and artificial intelligence service provider atNorth has acquired high performance computing solution Gompute.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: atNorth

Co-founders: –

Country: Sweden

🛒 Denario, acquired by PandaDoc.

Document and payment workflow platform PandaDoc has acquired fintech startup Denario.

Transaction Type: Acquisition

Investors: PandaDoc

Co-founders: –

Country: Germany

Other News:

📌 Finland-based VC firm Greencode Ventures has announced its new €40 million fund to support European startups that are accelerating the green transition.

📌 Netherlands-based deeptech VC firm has launched a new €60 million fund to support early-stage photonic chip startups and scale-ups.

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