Weekly Startup Ecosystem Overview in Europe / April 22 – 26

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This week, more than 70 funding rounds took place in European entrepreneurship ecosystem. Here is the notable funding rounds and secondary transactions between April 22 – 26:


3 France, 1 Spain, 1 Germany, 1 Finland, 1 United Kingdom (UK)

Sectors Received Investments:

1 Aerospace

1 Artificial Intelligence

1 Financial Services

1 Mental Health

1 Management Information Systems

1 Data & AI

1 Proptech

News of the Week

🎯 Spacetech company PLD Space raised €78 million.

PLD Space, which develops space technologies to provide suborbital and orbital commercial launch services to payloads and nanosatellites, has raised €78 million.

Transaction Type: Investment


Co-founders: Raúl Torres, Raúl Verdú

Headquarters: Spain

🎯 AI compute company FlexAI raised $30 million.

FlexAI, which delivers universal AI compute by rearchitecting compute infrastructure at a system level, has raised $30 million in Seed funding round, led by Alpha Intelligence Capital. Elaia Partners and Heartcore Capital also participated in the investment round.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Alpha Intelligence Capital, Elaia Partners, Heartcore Capital

Co-founders: Dali Kilani

Headquarters: France

🎯 AI-powered SaaS finance platform Payflows raised €25 million.

Payflows, which buildins an operating system that integrates finance teams and workflows together for accounts payable, account receivable, customers, suppliers, payments and cashflows, has raised €25 million in Series A funding round. The investment round was led by Balderton Capital, with participation from Ribbit Capital, Headline, 20VC and Galeries Lafayette.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Balderton Capital, Ribbit Capital, Headline, 20VC, Galeries Lafayette

Co-founders: Pauline Glikman, Joseph Assouline

Headquarters: France

🎯 Digital therapy platform neurocare raised €16 million.

Neurocare, which provides treatment for a variety of psychological or neurological conditions, has raised €16 million from TVM Capital Healthcare.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: TVM Capital Healthcare

Co-founders: Thomas Mechtersheimer

Headquarters: Germany

🎯 IT management platform HappySignals raised €12 million.

HappySignals, which develops an experience management platform that helps improve employee experience and productivity, has raised €12 million. The investment round was led by Mandatum Asset Management, with participation from Nauta and Vendep Capital.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Mandatum Asset Management, Nauta, Vendep Capital

Co-founders: Sami Kallio

Headquarters: Finland

🎯 AI-powered data platform Treefera raised $12 million.

Treefera, an aı-powered data management platform, has raised $12 million in Series A funding round, led by AlbionVC.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: AlbionVC

Co-founders: Jonathan Horn

Headquarters: United Kingdom (UK)

🎯 Proptech startup Zefir raised €11 million.

Zefir, an all-in-one platform that allows people to sell or buy real estate in one simple, certain transaction, has raised €11 million from Zigg Capital, Third Kind Venture Capital, Stride.VC, Sequoia Capital and Heartcore Capital.

Transaction Type: Investment

Investors: Zigg Capital, Third Kind Venture Capitali Stride.VC, Sequoia Capital, Heartcore Capital

Co-founders: Remy Fabre

Headquarters: France

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