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StartupCentrum is a digital entrepreneurship community established for startups to find teammates and to make applications for investors, incubation centers and technoparks easier. As a startup originating in Turkey, we care a lot about the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem and we do various things to improve it. One of them is the data-based analysis reports about the Turkish ecosystem. Our aim with these reports is to show the ecosystem players and decision makers about the state of entrepreneurship in Turkey and to help them make decisions. In this context, we mapped the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey!

You can reach from investors to incubators/accelerators, from NGOs to co-working spaces in Turkey startup ecosystem. You can reach the names of 690 players (excluding accredited angel investors) in the ecosystem from the map. In this article, we wanted to give you the general numbers of companies and organizations on the ecosystem map. Accordingly, in Turkey’s entrepreneurship ecosystem;

16 Business Angel Networks,

715 Accredited Business Angels,

33 VCs,

41 CVCs,

21 Investment Company,

9 Private Equity firms,

7 Venture Builders,

8 Investment Banks & Family Offices,

20 Portfolio Management Companies,

3 Accelerator Funds,

5 Active Crowdfunding Platforms (4 of them are Share-Based),

3 Licensed Share-Based Crowdfunding Platforms,

3 Share-Based Crowdfunding Platform with Company Establishment Permits,

101 Incubators / Accelerators,

26 NGOs & Organizations,



73 Science Parks,

129 Technology Transfer Offices,

46 Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship Corporations,

20 Ecosystem Support Organization (Data companies, consultants and communities)

6 Media Companies,

7 Government Agencies,

41 Co-working spaces,

39 Entrepreneurship Competition (reached),


You can acces the ecosystem map through;


You can also access the reports we have prepared about Turkey and other countries from the same link!

We want to further strengthen both the ecosystem map and our other report contents with the participation of ecosystem players. Therefore, you can contact us at [email protected] both to add your institution to the map or to request changes, and to share your views about our reports.

The ecosystem map is updated periodically in line with the participation of new companies and incoming requests. The version of the map and shared date information can be accessed from the PDF.

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