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Kidolog, online mental healthcare for children startup received its second investment from local investors and reached $1 million valuation in less than nine months. Altera, a Turkey-based VC invested in the Kidolog the second time in a row. The investment figure has yet to be undisclosed. Turkish healthcare startup will start operating in the UK next month, co-founder Eray Ugurelli announced.

Turkish entrepreneur Eray was one of the many parents that affected by the mental consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic last year. To help parents easily reach out to a psychologist specialized in a specific field or mental issue regarding child psychology, parental issues, etc., Eray and Burak Candan co-founded an online mental healthcare startup in February 2021. They received their first investment four months after founding the company. The website was revamped in September, creating an easy-to-use UI and ensuring a smooth experience.

Expansion to Europe, Kidolog App on its way

As of today, Kidolog only serves Turkish parents in Turkey and Turkish ex-pats across Europe. Next month, it will start its mental healthcare services in the UK. Expansion to other countries such as Azerbaijan, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain is also planned.

The online mental healthcare services are only limited to Kidolog website right now, but receiving more funds will speed up the launch of its mobile app. The app will also include exclusive services for Kidolog customers. Kidolog has more than 200 specialists ready to answer parents’ questions, resolve issues involving child psychiatry, doula, speech therapy, lactation counseling, child development consultancy. Kidolog also offers 24/7 mental healthcare service as an option.

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